What's better than a product that is a bargain?  A product that is a bargain, unisex and serves multiple purposes!  I thought I would cover some skincare staples that I find myself repurchasing constantly.  Many of these will be familiar, but hopefully you can discover a few uses that you hadn't thought of before.  I'll incorporate my tried and true methods of using these items as well as others I've read about.  Now let's get started..

Johnson's Baby Powder

• Most commonly made from talc or corn starch, baby powder is perfect for absorbing moisture.  This makes it great to use as a dry shampoo.  Just sprinkle some at your roots and massage into the scalp with your fingertips.

• It also makes a fantastic deodorizer, replacing deodorant, shoe powder, or even the musty smell from old books.  

• Applied before waxing, baby powder will prevent the wax from adhering to the skin, while simultaneously absorbing moisture that would interfere with its effectiveness.  

• Many use baby powder to keep bedsheets cool during a hot summer.  It also helps to absorb grease from fabric.

• Baby powder can help to remove sand from your feet after a day at the beach.

• Apparently, it is an effective ant repellant, but use at your own risk!

• Finally, baby powder can serve as a great blotting powder for the face.  I can attest to this, and a little goes a long way!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

• This inexpensive masque contains sulfur and it is perfect for drying out oily skin.  Just apply after cleansing to the entire face, let dry, then rinse with warm water.

• Like other masques, this one can be used as a spot treatment for blemishes and blackheads.  Dab it on problem areas before bedtime and wake up with visibly reduced redness and swelling!

• This can also combat oiliness along the chest or back area.

• I've found that this product is perfect for calming irritation that comes with a breakout.  It makes your face feel overall more smooth and even.

• Make sure to moisturize after using this masque, as it will leave your skin feeling nice but fairly dry!

Johnson's Baby Oil

• Made with mineral oil, baby oil is an amazing moisturizer.  Whether in the bath, after a bath, or before a bath, it's a great way of locking in moisture.  I love using it on my cuticles after a manicure.

• Used before or after shaving, baby oil can prevent or ease razor burn, specifically on the legs.

• While baby powder helps combat oil in the roots of hair, baby oil can add moisture to dry ends.

• Baby oil is my go-to product for removing eye makeup.  It works especially well in combination with a facial wipe or cotton ball, helping to remove even the most stubborn mascara.

• It also helps in removing other grime from the skin, including paint, gum and the adhesive leftover from bandaids.

• Speaking of grime, baby oil can help in removing leftover wax from the skin after waxing.

• Use it in the home to spruce up wood furniture as well as stainless steel surfaces.  Baby oil is also said to remedy a squeaky door hinge or a stubborn zipper.

(P.S. - Promise I'm not sponsored by Johnson and Johnson...but I'd like to be.  What up, J & J!)

Dickinson's Witch Hazel

• Witch hazel is an all-natural skin toner that is much-gentler alternative to all of the harsher toners out there.  It's great for using on the face after cleansing to ensure it is thoroughly clean.

• Dr. Oz featured this product on his show for its supposed anti-aging properties.  While it's normally best to take cosmetic advice with a grain of salt, it couldn't hurt to try!

• As an antiseptic, witch hazel is an effective disinfectant for minor cuts, burns and scrapes.

• It can also be very useful in soothing itchiness that comes with eczema and bug bites.

• This particular formula by Dickinson's contains alcohol that may be somewhat drying.  Overall it is quite gentle, and while the alcohol may be beneficial in drying out blemishes, be sure to moisturize after using!

Purpose Cleansing Bar

• This cleansing bar is my absolute favorite for washing my face.  Apart from being unbelievably cheap, I give it lots of credit in clearing my skin.  It is also super gentle, leaving a very soft, clean finish.

• Its mildness makes it a great soap for the body, but keep in mind that a little goes a long way.  Too much lather may cause drying.

For more uses of bar soap, continue reading below:

Dove White Soap

• Dove's soap is classic, and with good reason--it's light, moisturizing, and despite being called a "beauty bar," quite gender-neutral.  I'm a fan of no-fuss bar soap that can be used for everyday cleansing, but it has many other purposes:

• Bar soap can be used on sticky drawers or windows as a lubricant to help them glide more easily.

• It can serve as a deodorizer when placed in small spaces such as closets, luggage or drawers.  Just be sure to keep it away from spaces where it has the potential to melt, like in the car!

• Like witch hazel, bar soaps are also said to help alleviate itching of bug bites.

• Spray sudsy water on plants to repel insects and keep them from getting into your garden.

• And for the wild card, soap is very helpful in sewing!  Wrapping fabric around a bar of soap can make an extremely effective pincushion, as the soap lubricates the pins, making them easier to glide through fabric.  It can also serve as a means of marking a hem.

Udderly Smooth Hand Cream

• This hand cream works extremely well in alleviating dryness in overworked hands.  It's quick-absorbing, so it never leaves a greasy feeling.

• It is said to be helpful for irritated skin, helping out with chafing and itching.

• I've read that many use this cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the hands, and I can see why.  Its formula definitely helps in smoothing lines and healing cracks on the hands.

• During the winter months, this cream can serve as a very helpful insulating agent, protecting from the harsh weather as well as treating dry patches that come along with it.

• Not just for hands, this product is a perfect as a foot cream, especially post-pedicure or as a means of helping cracked heels.  Slather some on before bed under socks for optimal moisturizing!

• As the name hints, this product was originally developed for use on dairy cows.  So this cream is perfect for helping old Bessie because, well, she gets chapped too!

So there you have it.  I hope this post was helpful to any of you interested in the above products or curious about their potential uses!  I'd love to hear about your favorite multi-purpose skincare, or any other uses you've found for the items I shared!


04/13/2014 1:30pm

This is great Katie! I like bargains and never know which stuff is actually useful or good!

04/16/2014 12:26pm

Glad you enjoyed this post Jamie! :)

02/19/2017 2:38am

I think I can see these products in every household. Whoever invented them must have already made a huge fortune. It is nice to use baby products even if we are no longer babies. There seems to be no stopping our overworked hands. Thanks for sharing all these. It reminds me I am still normal to crave one of these.

04/13/2014 9:00pm


Awesome job on this blog! I love most of the products listed.

I've tried using baby oil to remove eye makeup, but my eyes hated it :( But when I'm out if makeup remover wipes (I like the cheap Target brand), I just kinda massage a little baby oil on my skin and wipe off before cleansing and it gets the job done OK.

I haven't tried the bar, but I love the Purpose Gentle Cleanser in the pump bottle. It lathers up well and the bottle lasts forever. I even massage a tiny bit on my eyelids to get leftover traces of makeup off. (My eyes can take Purpose but not baby oil. I know, weird!)

I haven't tried Udderly Smooth, but now I have to! Thanks for the suggestion!

04/16/2014 12:29pm

Thank you Carla! I definitely understand that some people's eyes may be more sensitive to particular products. Makeup remover wipes are great for eye makeup. And funny, Purpose actually burns when I used it directly on my eyes! I wonder how similar the liquid and bar formulas are.. Will have to check that out!

12/29/2014 1:54pm

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11/23/2015 1:49pm

Many of these will be familiar, but hopefully you can discover a few uses that you hadn't thought of before. I'll incorporate my tried and true methods of using these items as well as others I've read about. Now let's get started..

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Johnson's Baby Powder is the best thing for skin! Try it!

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I'll incorporate my tried and true methods of using these items as well as others I've read about. Now let's get started..

06/10/2016 12:55pm

I think these are only for kids as most of the Johnson's products are made for babies. Can you please share some resources regarding parents skin care products under $5.

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