There's just something about thrifting on a Sunday afternoon.  What is it about Sundays that makes every activity seem leisurely?  Just recently, a Goodwill store opened down the street from my apartment.  It's spacious, clean and filled with loot--the trifecta of ideal thrifting conditions, I'd say.  I certainly don't mind the occasional crammed, musty shop, but it's just not as relaxing of an experience.
Focusing mainly on housewares, I picked up the following:  crystal lamp base, glass soap dispenser, miniature ceramic house, transistor radio/alarm clock, and an awesomely inaccurate Louisiana-shaped plaque.  Here she is:
I also grabbed a Navajo-looking belt and a chained collar clip from the accessory section, because well, yeah.

Here's my mindset while vintage/antique/junk/thrift shopping:  buy it if it is (a) inexpensive in relation to value, (b) functional within my space, and (c) if not currently functional, DIY-able so that it may function within my space.  I believe that a "function" can range from an object that serves a practical purpose to an object whose purpose is to look adorable.  So yes, I will buy small, unique "
tchotchkes" without abandon to use sparingly as home decor.  While I am no means a minimalist, we can all agree that a cluttered shelf of animal figurines can go from cute to crazy pretty quickly.

So as far as DIY projects, I am planning on customizing most of the items that I purchased (excluding the clock and collar clip), so I will document those in a future blog post.  It tends to be more interesting to see how these types of items can be incorporated into one's own personal homestyle rather than just seeing the goods themselves.

And now to address the obvious:  this is my first and hopefully not my last blog post!  There are various topics I'd love to cover apart from vintage and DIY, including contemporary art, general inspiration, books, films, and the occasional fashion or beauty post.  I would love to get any feedback or suggestions, and feel free to add me on Bloglovin' to join me on this journey!



Tobie Pilcher
04/01/2014 9:55pm

Lovely idea!!

08/26/2014 9:16am

Perhaps there is a subconscious algorithm we follow similar to the four-word cluster in the test panel.

08/27/2014 6:45pm

The race of the subject should be considered as well.

08/27/2014 9:31pm

I (a woman myself), got a 28/36, but had a much harder time reading the women's emotions because the make-up made them all look very similar and masked the subtleties of their expressions.

09/18/2014 4:00am

I learned three things from this quiz. 1) I am above average at reading peoples emotions based on their eyes; 2) women have a much more limited range of emotions than men, and most of the time they express desire, flirtation, affection and occasionally panic; and 3) Whoever invented this quiz needs to be introduced to the 20th and 21st centuries.

09/26/2014 6:49am

Given that most of my day-to-day dealings are with people like those in the pictures, this score would seem to be a useful reflection of my emotional intelligence.

10/08/2014 5:45am

There were a couple of older-looking sets of eyes that I thought might have been female.

10/11/2014 2:43pm

The sexual stereotypes within this test are incredibly unfortunate... lots of coquettish women and aggressive men.

11/16/2014 5:09am

I was debating between two on the ones I missed, including the correct answer. It was best to go with the first snap judgment before even reading the choices.

04/06/2014 12:40pm

Thank you Mrs. Tobie!

12/27/2014 11:52am

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