What's better than a product that is a bargain?  A product that is a bargain, unisex and serves multiple purposes!  I thought I would cover some skincare staples that I find myself repurchasing constantly.  Many of these will be familiar, but hopefully you can discover a few uses that you hadn't thought of before.  I'll incorporate my tried and true methods of using these items as well as others I've read about.  Now let's get started..

One of my favorite ways to customize clothing is by using paint.  Paint makes such an impact and it's fairly low cost, meaning the possibilities are endless.  Read below to see how I used paint to transform a denim jacket, pair of boots, and some old jeans!

Ah, Spring.. the soothing warmth of the sun after a cold, blistering winter.  Only kidding, here in the south the temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees F.  But still, plants are sprouting their new leaves and the heat feels different then our winter heat, you know?  There's something in the air, besides the pollen, that makes you want to sit outdoors with a lemon thyme cocktail (recipe here), gather a bouquet of flowers (source here) or lie in the grass with a nice book (source unknown).  What is your favorite spring pastime?